Email Coaching Packages

Email coaching is a great alternative to the traditional method of meeting with clients in person or over video chat. Professionals still offer one-on-one coach-client relationships in this model — they’re just written instead of verbal.          

Coaching over email is an asynchronous approach to mentoring. Instead of penciling in a weekly, biweekly, or monthly meeting, coaches and clients can communicate back and forth at their own pace. There’s no need to rush to prepare for a session before traveling to an office or hopping on Zoom. Everyone involved can organize their ideas and compose thoughtful messages without feeling hurried or stressed.

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Our packages start at:

10 Email exchanges                     $288.00

15 Email exchanges                     $320.00

20 Email exchanges                     $410.00


 Phone Coaching Packages


30 min                                   $129.00

1 Hour                                   $255.00

1.5 Hours                              $320.00



Video Coaching  (Done thru WhatsApp or Zoom)


1 Hour                                   $ 320.00

1.5 Hours                              $400.00