Self-Sabotage : SABOTAGE

This is defined as any underhanded interference with goals, work, relationships, etc.; any undermining of a cause; to injure or attack the very thing you want to accomplish. Since we have understood the meaning of sabotage, what then is self-sabotage? What is self-sabotage? It’s when part of your nature (make-up) acts in conflict with another part of your character; it creates problems, interferes with long-standing goals, and prohibits you from achieving the things you have set in motion.

It’s when we say we want something and then transact (unconsciously), making sure it doesn't happen. When you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors, it's because there's a conflict in your “inner self” that shows up outwardly in your actions. These behaviors are often hidden from our everyday thoughts, and until you become aware of this, you won’t understand why you keep sabotaging the things you want. (Money, relationships, weight loss, success, and happiness) Remember, all of this is done unconsciously.